Why Plastic Surgery Is So Popular Now

Plastic Surgery in Albany, NY

Not long ago, people did not want the world to know about their plastic surgery. There was still a bit of a stigma to “having work done.” Today, one of the reasons plastic surgery is more popular than ever is because patients freely discuss their procedures and share the results. Top Albany plastic surgeon Dr. Sanjiv Kayastha explains why cosmetic procedures are growing by leaps and bounds, and why this is the time to have them done. 

The Way We Live Now  

Life has changed for all of us since March 2020. Those able to work from home might take the opportunity to have procedures performed that they normally wouldn’t consider due to the downtime. Most downtime is required because of swelling and bruising — not a face you want to present to colleagues and coworkers. If working from home, and not spending a lot of time on Zoom, you can recuperate while doing your job. You can also venture out for daily activities with a mask on, so no one sees any healing taking place below the nose. 

Due to the convenience of virtual consultations, medical offices are less crowded. You can have your procedure scheduled and performed quickly. It is the new normal, the way we live now, but it is advantageous for plastic surgery. 

Social Media  

Patients are better informed about procedures than ever before due to social media. They also take and post more pictures than imaginable even a decade ago. People want to look their best in photos, but the sheer increase in photo volume means they scrutinize their appearance more than ever. 

Patients document their plastic surgery journey every step of the way. Friends and followers wait for the before and after posts. When they see the improvement in other people’s looks, they are more eager to try it for themselves. 

Less Costly

Plastic surgery procedures are less expensive, relatively speaking, than they were in the 20th century. Affordability helps drive popularity. While health insurance does not cover cosmetic procedures, there are many financing options available. 

Investing in Yourself

Think of plastic surgery as an investment in yourself. It can give you an edge in many aspects of life, from dating to employment. Although the point of plastic surgery is physical enhancement, the boost in self-confidence from knowing you look your best is priceless.  

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