Understanding Breast Implant Profiles in Albany, NY

Breast implant profiles in Albany & Schenectady, NY

Choosing your breast implants is just one of the many important choices you will make during your breast augmentation process. Besides deciding on the size and type of breast implants, you will also need to choose an implant profile. The profile of a breast implant refers to how much the implant projects forward from the chest wall. In this blog post, New York plastic surgeon Dr. Sanjiv Kayastha shares information on implant profiles and tips on how to choose the right one for your breast augmentation goals.

Types of Breast Implant Profiles

Moderate profile breast implants have a wide base but offer the least amount of projection and are flatter than the other profile types. This profile type offers the most natural-looking results and is suited for women with average-sized chests.

Moderate plus profile breast implants have a slightly higher projection than moderate profile implants but retain a similarly wide base. They provide a little extra upper pole fullness than the moderate profile, similar to the look of a permanent push-up bra.

High profile breast implants, as the name suggests, offer greater projection than other profiles. They have a narrow base and provide more fullness on top of the breasts, creating more cleavage and round shape than the other profiles. High profile implants are best suited to women who have a very narrow chest wall.

Choosing the Right Implant Profile

When helping you decide on an implant profile, Dr. Kayastha will take several things into consideration. First, he will evaluate the existing size and shape of your body and breasts. He will also look at your existing breast width. Dr. Kayastha believes the most natural-looking results are achieved when the implant is equal to or marginally smaller than the existing breast width. As a result, petite women and women with very little breast tissue and a narrow chest are often limited to smaller sized breast implants. However, increasing the profile of the breast implant allows a petite woman to obtain a more busty look (if she so chooses) without it being too wide or disproportional to her frame.

Ultimately, choosing breast implants is a very personal decision process. Dr. Kayastha will use his expertise to make professional recommendations. He also has breast implant sizers (available in different profiles) that you can try on at his office during your consultation. This is to help you better visualize the results you can expect with your breast implants.

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