Tips to Minimize Post-Op Scarring

Post-op Scar Care Albany, New York

Scarring is a common aspect of plastic surgery. The truth is, any time an incision is made into the skin, a scar will result as a part of the body’s natural healing response. The good news is that scarring fades over time. Just how well they fade depends on a number of factors. Here, New York plastic surgeon Dr. Sanjiv Kayastha shares his best tips on how to minimize post-op scarring.

Use Prescription Products as Directed

Following your procedure, your doctor may prescribe topical creams or ointments to use. Apply them to the surgical incision site as directed by your doctor. You must also keep the incision sites clean at all times to avoid infection.

Drink Plenty of Water and Eat Healthy Foods

Eating right and staying hydrated are important for boosting your immune system and ensuring that you heal as quickly as possible.

Do Not Pick at Scabs

As part of your body’s natural healing response, scabs will form on the incision sites. Although scabs may be unattractive, they are only temporary and will fall off naturally. Picking at scabs can lead to a longer healing period and unfavorable scarring.

Don’t Smoke

Your plastic surgeon will advise you to stop smoking several weeks before your procedure, as it can increase your risk of complications during and after surgery. It’s also a good idea to avoid smoking after surgery, as it impairs your body’s ability to carry oxygen to the healing tissues, which in turn affects how well your scars heal.

Work With the Right Plastic Surgeon

One of the best things you can do to minimize scarring after plastic surgery is to work with an experienced and skilled plastic surgeon. A qualified plastic surgeon will be trained and skilled in advanced surgical techniques that will produce the least-noticeable scars and the most beautiful plastic surgery results.

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