Tips on Choosing the Right Implant Size

Are you considering breast augmentation — but worry you will choose breast implants that are either too big or too small? Don’t stress about it. Like Goldilocks from the classic story of “The Three Bears,” you will find the implants that are “just right” for your body and your goals. Trusted plastic surgeon Sanjiv Kayastha is here to help. With his guidance, hundreds of women have successfully selected breast implants at his Albany surgical center that suited their personal taste.

As you go through the decision-making process, consider these helpful tips from Dr. Kayastha:

Avoid Comparing Yourself to Other Women

Every breast augmentation patient is unique and has her own opinion of what looks good. What is too big for your sister or best friend may be appealing to you. Focus on the nuances of your body type, amount of natural breast tissue and the type of results you would like to achieve.

Think about Your Personality and Lifestyle

Are you comfortable attracting attention for your appearance, or do you tend to shy away from looks and comments? Do you prefer low-impact exercise like yoga or high-intensity CrossFit workouts? These are personality and lifestyle elements that should factor into your decision about implant size.

Try Some on for Size

Visualizing your body with different size implants is helpful in the decision-making process. Dr. Kayastha offers an implant sizing kit with several “test” implants that you can slip into your bra during consultation. We suggest that you bring a few tops with various necklines (and even a bikini top) so you can see how you look in clothing you typically wear.

Ask a Trusted Friend

You are welcome to bring a close family member or friend to your breast augmentation consultation to ask their opinion. Many of our patients like having feedback from someone that knows them well. Make sure the friend or family member is someone known for his or her honesty!

Plan for the Future

Choosing implant size is a decision with long-lasting consequences. Today’s implants are durable and built to last for many years. As you select your implant size, consider the needs and lifestyle of “future you.” Pick implants that are attractive to you now, and will probably be attractive to you five or 10 years from now. Thinking long-term will help you avoid additional future surgeries.

Contact Dr. Kayastha

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