Things Every Man Should Know about Plastic Surgery

Male plastic surgery

The number of men opting for plastic surgery is increasing, but many men are still hesitant to use cosmetic surgery to improve their appearance. In 2016, only 8 percent of all cosmetic procedures were performed on men. Dr. Sanjiv Kayastha, a prominent plastic surgeon in Albany, New York, has talked to many male patients about their concerns regarding cosmetic surgery. In this post, Dr. Kayastha discusses some of the most important things every man should know about plastic surgery.

Cosmetic Surgery Results Differ for Men and Women

Men and women who seek cosmetic improvement may both want a more youthful appearance, but they will achieve that goal in different ways. Men want to preserve or enhance their masculine facial features and body compositions. This means that a skilled plastic surgeon will approach a procedure on a man from a slightly different perspective. Men should look for a plastic surgeon with experience handling the unique issues presented by male patients.

Many Popular Procedures are Non-invasive

Non-surgical procedures, such as Botox, provide effective results with less cost and downtime than surgery. A variety of noninvasive procedures are available to provide fast and safe cosmetic improvement. These procedures are quite popular among men — over 83 percent of cosmetic procedures performed on men in 2016 were minimally invasive procedures, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. If you’ve never had a cosmetic procedure, non-invasive methods can be a good way to get comfortable with the process before you consider more invasive procedures that provide longer-lasting results.

Choose a Plastic Surgeon Who Understands Male Patients

Men have unique issues when deciding whether to seek a cosmetic improvement. They may be uncomfortable talking about their problems and goals, so they need a plastic surgeon who listens and addresses all of their concerns. Talk to your surgeon about their experience performing procedures on men, and ask to see before-and-after pictures of male patients to make sure your surgeon understands what your goals are.

To learn more about surgical or non-invasive procedures for men and how you can achieve a more youthful and masculine appearance, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Kayastha today. Contact his Albany, New York plastic surgery practice by calling (518) 346-3125.