Reasons to Consider Body Contouring After Weight Loss

Body contouring after weight loss

People who have been successful losing weight through diet and exercise are naturally proud of their accomplishment. But in some cases, particularly when someone has lost a lot of weight such as with bariatric surgery, loose skin can remain. Also, as the body ages, it gradually stops producing two key proteins needed for skin elasticity: collagen and elastin. 

These factors can make it difficult to look and feel your best, even after following a healthy regimen of diet and exercise.

Fortunately, Albany, NY plastic surgery specialist Dr. Sanjiv Kayastha is able to elaborate on the body contouring options available that can restore the youthful appearance that people justly deserve after their efforts.

Areas Susceptible to Loose Skin

In addition to skin losing its shape, muscles can also lose their resilient quality after substantial weight loss, as often occurs following pregnancy. In some cases, surgical intervention is needed to restore muscle tone. Even parts of the body without a high percentage of muscle, like the knees, can suffer from an unsightly appearance after losing weight.

Although some parts of the body, like the abdomen, are particularly susceptible to stretched and saggy skin, nearly the entire body can be affected. Specialized contouring procedures can be performed that target specific problem areas. For the abdominal area, abdominoplasty — commonly known as a tummy tuck — can create a more attractive post-weight loss physique by firming and toning the midsection.

Another body part that can be affected after weight loss is the arms. Arm lift involves creating an incision under the arm to tighten skin and underlying muscle tissues. While there may be residual scarring, the overall appearance of the arms can be dramatically improved through arm lift.

A breast lift after weight loss may be an excellent option for women whose breasts have become shapeless or saggy following weight loss. In addition to providing a perkier breast appearance, a breast lift can reduce the potential for irritation and rashes underneath the breast crease.

Success after Surgery

In general, patients who benefit the most from body contouring after weight loss are ones who have excess skin and/or small pockets of fat that to do not respond to weight loss efforts. It also helps to have realistic expectations about results and an understanding of the recovery time, which can be as long as several months depending on the extent of the procedure(s) performed.

Dr. Kayastha is dedicated to helping patients look and feel their best by providing honest, ethical patient care and leading-edge surgical treatment. To learn more about the available surgical and non-surgical treatment options, please contact Dr. Kayastha’s Albany practice to schedule a consultation today.