Medical Tourism – Plastic Surgery- Albany

Every year, nearly a million Americans will travel internationally to find cheaper medical care. This is called medical tourism, and although it can appear to make sense, the possible risks may outweigh the benefits. Surgery, both cosmetic and non-cosmetic, as well as dentistry, are popular types of medical tourism

With any medical procedure, one of the essential ingredients for maximizing the likelihood of a good outcome is doctor-patient communication. This is important for discussing and planning the procedure during the consultation, part of which is outlining potential complications and risks. When care is being obtained thousands of miles away, this interaction is likely to be less than optimal. Moreover, medical tourism comes with other unknowns such as high standards of hospital care and credentialing of surgeons that assure a level of safety in surgery that we take for granted that is not a certainty when going abroad.

Traveling immediately before or after surgery raises the risk of serious blood clot complications, which potentially could be life threatening. There are risks that accompany all medical procedures and complications will occur in even the best hands; who will be there to care for these complications should they occur after surgery performed far from home? And what legal and financial protection do you have if something goes amiss in a foreign country?

You may want to think twice before you take a chance with your health and well-being on discounted surgery in a far away place. Don’t cut corners when it comes to your medical care. You deserve the very best and safest surgery you can find. Contact our office in Albany to schedule a consultation with Dr. Sanjiv Kayastha, an experienced board certified plastic surgeon with over twenty-five years of experience.

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