Considering Facelift Surgery? Five Questions to Ask During Your Consultation

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Every successful facelift procedure starts with a successful consultation. Your initial consultation is the perfect time to get the answers to all your burning questions. If you are unsure of what to ask during your consultation, Dr. Sanjiv Kayastha can help. In this blog post, he shares five important questions you need to ask during your consultation.

Are You Board-Certified?

This should be the first question you ask your plastic surgeon. Your plastic surgeon should be board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, ensuring they have passed rigorous examinations and training in both general surgery and plastic surgery.

How Many Facelift Surgeries Have You Performed?

While board certification is a nonnegotiable, it is not enough to ensure successful results. Your plastic surgeon should be an expert in facelift surgery, having performed hundreds of facelifts throughout the years. This ensures the surgeon has the skill and the hands-on-experience required to achieve beautiful, natural-looking results.

Is Facelift Right for Me?

While facelift surgery is an effective procedure for restoring beauty and youth to the facial appearance, it is not the only option available. Some patients interested in facelift surgery may actually benefit from other procedures such as eyelid surgery or brow lift. Others may find that their goals are best achieved with a nonsurgical treatment, such as Botox or dermal fillers. During your initial consultation, be clear and direct about your cosmetic goals. This way, your plastic surgeon can make appropriate recommendations and design a treatment plan. Based on what you share, your treatment plan may include facelift surgery, another procedure or a combination of procedures.

How Do You Handle Complications?

Every surgery comes with potential risks and complications. Possible risks and complications from facelift surgery include infection of the incision sites and nerve damage. The best way to avoid this is by choosing an experienced plastic surgeon who not only has a high success rate but also knows how to handle complications properly. Risks and complications are rare when the procedure is performed by an experienced surgeon, but in case one does occur, you want to know you are in the right hands.

What Is the Recovery Like?

The length of recovery after facelift surgery varies by patient, but most people are able to return to work and their normal routine after a week and a half to two weeks. During the initial recovery, however, you will need to get plenty of rest to allow your body to heal from surgery. Your plastic surgeon should go over the recovery process in detail with you during your initial consultation. During this time, you can find out more about the recovery period and how you can best prepare for it.

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