Common Myths about Body Contouring

Body Contouring Myths

Body contouring surgery can be used to remove excess loose skin or localized fat deposits that are resistant to diet and lifestyle changes. Individuals who have a few problem areas that they would like to improve may opt for body contouring procedures — such as tummy tuck or liposuction — to get the body that they desire.

However, there are some common misconceptions about body contouring procedures and what they can accomplish. Dr. Sanjiv Kayastha, an experienced plastic surgery specialist in Albany, has decades of experience with body contouring procedures. In this post, Dr. Kayastha discusses some common myths about body contouring.

Myth #1 — Liposuction is Good for Weight Loss

If you have a lot of weight to lose, you are most likely not a good candidate for liposuction. Instead, you should attempt to lose weight through diet and exercise before considering a liposuction procedure.

Ideal liposuction patients are near their target weight and want to use the procedure to target isolated areas. You can use liposuction to target many areas of the body, and you may also get a tummy tuck in conjunction with your liposuction procedure if you have excess skin or weakened abdominal muscles.

Myth #2 — Body Contouring Doesn’t Produce Lasting Results

How long your body contouring results last will largely depend on your lifestyle. If you maintain a healthy lifestyle, eat a balanced diet, and exercise regularly, you may able to preserve your results for quite a while. Your age, skin elasticity, and type of procedure will also impact how your results evolve over time.

Myth #3 — Body Contouring Prevents Weight Gain

A procedure such as liposuction results in a permanent removal of some fat cells, but the remaining cells can grow if you gain a substantial amount of weight. This is another reason to be near your target weight before getting a body contouring procedure.

Body contouring cannot make up for poor lifestyle choices, but it can help you with those stubborn areas that won’t respond to diet and exercise. Once you have built a foundation of good lifestyle choices and achieved your target weight, body contouring can be an excellent option for putting the finishing touches on your desired body shape.

To learn more about body contouring and determine whether you are a good candidate for a procedure, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Kayastha today. Contact his Albany, New York plastic surgery practice by calling (518) 346-3125.