Breast Lift Trend: The Vampire Breast Lift

New methods and trends are always popping up in the world of plastic surgery, some stranger than others. Perhaps one of the strangest (and debatable) trends on the rise is the Vampire Breast Lift. The Vampire Breast Lift uses a woman’s own blood to supposedly boost perkiness and cleavage without any surgery, incisions or anesthesia. But just how effective (and safe) is the Vampire Breast Lift? In this blog post, board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Sanjiv Kayastha discusses the Vampire Breast Lift procedure in detail.

Does the Vampire Breast Lift Work?

During a Vampire Breast Lift procedure, blood is taken from a patient’s arm and spun into a centrifuge to extract platelet rich plasma (PRP). The PRP is purified and then injected into the breasts for a lifted, rounded appearance. The results reportedly last one to two years.

The Vampire Breast Lift is advertised as a quick and non-invasive solution for patients that desire perkier breasts without surgery. However, it is important to note that the procedure is relatively new. There is no evidence to prove that the Vampire Breast Lift has any long-lasting impact on the appearance of the breasts.

Breast Lift Surgery with Dr. Kayastha

In contrast, breast lift surgery is a safe procedure that has a proven track record of improving the appearance of sagging breasts. Dr. Kayastha is a board certified plastic surgeon with years of training and experience performing breast enhancement procedures, including breast lift surgery. During the procedure, Dr. Kayastha will reshape and elevate the breast tissue, remove excess skin and tighten the remaining skin. The nipple and areola will also be repositioned to achieve a more youthful and attractive breast shape and position. The results are not only long-lasting, but natural-looking as well.

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