Breast Augmentation and Mammogram Screenings

Women who have undergone breast augmentation should treat mammograms the same way as women without breast implants: as a yearly event starting at age 40, or earlier if your family has a history of cancer.

Many women with breast implants are hesitant to schedule mammograms, fearing that the breast cancer screening will damage their breast implants. While breast implants can make accurate mammogram imaging slightly more difficult, screenings can be conducted in a manner that provides effective imaging without harming your breast implants.

It is important that your mammogram technician be aware of your breast implants in order to make the proper screening adjustments. Because breast augmentation is consistently among the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures, a majority of mammogram technicians have experience screening women with breast implants.

Conducting a mammogram on a woman with breast implants typically entails taking additional images from multiple angles to gain a more comprehensive image of the breasts. In the rare circumstances in which this does not provide a definitive view or reveals irregularities, your mammogram technician may refer you for an MRI.

While undergoing breast augmentation does not increase your risk for breast cancer, women with breast implants should still follow the American Cancer Society’s guidelines and receive a mammogram annually beginning at age 40.

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