What Are Bat Wings and What Can Be Done about Them?

Arm lift to treat bat wings with Dr. Kayastha

Over time, the soft tissue and skin on the upper arms becomes lax, creating a saggy appearance. This unsightly problem is known by some as “bat wings,” and it can affect both thin and overweight individuals. Dr. Sanjiv Kayastha, a top New York plastic surgeon, has met with countless patients who are embarrassed by the appearance of bat wings. Here, Dr. Kayastha discusses the most effective treatment options for slimmer and sculpted arms.

Can Exercise Help?

While bicep and tricep exercises can be effective in building muscle tone and trimming fat on the upper arms, they do not treat lax skin. Once skin has lost a large amount of elasticity, it can no longer return to its pre-stretched state (think of a pair of stretched out leggings or a rubber band). For this reason, exercise is not an effective treatment option for loose, excess skin on the upper arms.

About Arm Lift

The only way to remove loose, hanging skin on the upper arms is with arm lift surgery. This body contouring procedure reshapes the upper arms by a removing loose skin and tightening and lifting the remaining skin and tissue. The result is a smoother and sculpted arm contour. During the procedure, Dr. Kayastha is careful in creating the incisions in order to minimize the appearance of scars and produce the most beautiful results.

About Liposuction

If, in addition to loose skin, you have unwanted fat on the arms, Dr. Kayastha may recommend combining arm lift with liposuction. Considered to be the gold standard in fat removal, liposuction breaks up fat cells and removes them using gentle suction via a small tube (cannula). If you have stubborn fat that is resistant to diet and exercise but no significant skin laxity, Dr. Kayastha may recommend performing liposuction only.

Following surgery, patients can enjoy the many benefits of slimmer and more toned arms. Wardrobe options expand as patients are more willing to wear short-sleeve or sleeveless shirts. Exercise becomes more enjoyable and comfortable without heavy, hanging skin. Patients report feeling a boost in self-confidence following arm lift surgery.

To learn more about arm lift or other body contouring procedures for a slimmer and sculpted physique, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Kayastha today. Contact his New York plastic surgery practice by calling (518) 346-3125.