Arm Lift in Albany, NY

Also Saratoga Springs, Schenectady and Troy

Arm Lift Albany NYExcess fat and sagging skin in the arms can give them a droopy appearance, creating self-consciousness. If you are hesitant to wear a tank top, bathing suit, or strapless dress due to sagging arm skin, you may want to consider an arm lift (brachioplasty) to help give your arms the toned look you desire.

An arm lift is performed to remove excess skin and fat that is causing a drooping appearance. It is an effective way to create better definition in your upper arms and help restore a more youthful body contour. It can be performed by itself or in conjunction with liposuction for enhanced results.

Am I a Candidate for an Arm Lift?

Sagging, droopy arms can occur for a variety of reasons:

  • As a side effect of massive weight loss, especially after bariatric surgery
  • Due to fluctuations in weight caused by multiple pregnancies
  • As part of the natural aging process
  • Genetics

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your arms, you may be a candidate for an arm lift. As with any plastic surgery procedure, it is important to have realistic expectations for the outcome of your procedure. You must realize that you are trading the lax appearance of your upper arms for scars that are visible if short sleeves are worn.

Your Arm Lift Procedure

Arm Lift Surgery Saratoga Springs NYPlastic surgeon Dr. Sanjiv Kayastha will make an incision along your arm. The exact size and location of the incision will vary based on several factors such as the amount of skin being removed and the location of your excess skin. Your incision is then sutured closed to complete the procedure. The entire arm lift procedure can be completed within one to three hours.

You may experience some swelling and bruising following the procedure, but this should subside within about two weeks. Keeping your arms elevated will help reduce the swelling. You may also experience some minor discomfort, but this can be managed with pain medication.

You will return to Dr. Kayastha’s office one week after surgery to have your sutures and dressings removed. A compression garment may be needed to facilitate the healing process. You can shower a few days after your arm lift, and you can return to non-physical work shortly thereafter; however, you will need to refrain from strenuous exercise or physical labor for at least two to three weeks.