What a Facelift Can Improve in Albany, NY

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Dr. Barach and our entire Albany plastic surgery staff believe that everyone deserves the chance to turn back the clock, to look younger, and to feel better about the way they look. A facelift can improve the visible signs of aging. It can tighten sagging facial muscles as well as loose neck and facial skin. It can also remove excess fat to give you a more youthful appearance. Facelifts are often performed in conjunction with eyelid surgery or a forehead lift to achieve enhanced results.

The various facelift procedures that Schenectady cosmetic surgeon Dr. Bruce Barach performs can vastly improve any or all of the following conditions:

Nasolabial fold

This is the fold of skin that runs from beside the nose to the corner of your mouth. A nasolabial fold that is too obvious or exaggerated can make you look surly and make you feel unattractive. The upward and backward pull from your facelift should help to reduce it significantly. Although it may not be eliminated, it should at least be reduced to a more normal appearance.

“Crow’s feet” wrinkles

These are the wrinkles that gather at the corner of your eyes and the fat cushions that bunch around your cheekbones. The upward traction of your facelift should improve these. Your cheekbones will appear higher and more youthful as well.

“Marionette lines”

These are aptly named after the cuts on a puppet’s face which allow its jaw to move and are located below the corners of your mouth.

Hanging jowls

These are the unsightly jaw or chin folds which typically extend from below and behind the corners of your mouth to the edges of your jaw. Your


procedure should almost completely remove them.

Turkey–gobbler look

This is the excess skin that hangs below your chin, bridging across from chin to neck. A facelift should make it disappear, though the neck muscles may need some of your surgeon´s attention as well.

Acne scars

A face lift can even help with your acne scars, because it stretches out the depressions as it does with wrinkles, rendering them somewhat less noticeable. For significant acne scarring, fraxel laser treatmentwould be required to effectively achieve your goals.

If you suffer from any of the above conditions, then you may be a candidate for facelift surgery. Please contact our Albany plastic surgeon today to schedule your facelift consultation.