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You can expect to be up and around within a few hours after your otoplastyprocedure. Your head will be wrapped in a bulky bandage immediately following surgery to promote the best molding and healing. You will likely feel very little pain at all, but your ears may throb or ache a little for a few days. This can be easily relieved with medication.

Albany plastic surgeon Dr. Bruce Barach will replace the bulky bandages within a few days with a lighter head dressing similar to a headband. Be sure to follow his directions for wearing this dressing, especially at night. It may be suggested that you wear a stocking cap, a sweat band, or a ski headband while sleeping for up to several weeks, depending on the extent of your procedure.

Stitches are typically removed or will dissolve on their own in about 5-10 days.

Any activity in which the ear might be bent or hit should be avoided for approximately one month. Most adults can go back to work about five days after surgery. Children can go back to school after about one week; however, they will have to be careful when participating in playground activities. You may want to ask your child’s teacher to keep an eye on him or her for a few weeks.

Post-surgical complications are rare with otoplasty. Impaired hearing is practically impossible since only your external ear parts are manipulated during your surgery. Your ear tissue heals very well, and your scars are placed in a region where they will be almost undetectable.

There will always be some asymmetry between the two ears. However, this is quite normal, since no one has perfectly symmetrical ears.

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