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Facelift Surgery Albany NYNothing is able to more dramatically rejuvenate your facial appearance than a facelift. This procedure is designed to surgically correct the visible signs of aging such as deep cheek folds, jowls, and loose skin on the front and sides of your neck. Albany-area plastic surgeon Dr. Bruce Barach customizes every facelift to make sure it addresses your needs, and he will evaluate your unique facial features when creating your aesthetic plan.

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Am I a Candidate for a Facelift?

Facelift Procedure Saratoga Springs NYMost facelift patients are in their forties to sixties, but facelifts can be done successfully on people well into their seventies or eighties as well. As long as your skin has some elasticity and your bone structure is strong and well-defined, then you are a prime candidate for the procedure. If you are not a candidate, or do not want to have a facelift, Dr. Barach offers nonsurgical facelift options, such as Ultherapy™.

A facelift can make you look younger and enhance your self-confidence. However, it cannot give you a totally different look or restore the health and vitality of youth. Dr. Barach will discuss the potential outcomes with you, so you can properly understand your face lift expectations and goals.

Your Facelift Procedure

The conventional facelift incision begins on the scalp, above the ear and well inside the hairline. It then moves downward, in front of the ear, eventually curving underneath the earlobe and up around the back of the ear. From there, it travels in a straight line toward the back of the head, staying within the hairline. It is a lengthy but shallow incision that only goes down to your superficial level of fat. A small incision under the chin is sometimes used in patients with unsightly bands of muscle (“turkey gobbler”) in the neck.

After the incision is made, your skin is lifted away from the underlying fat. The area involved in this procedure extends from near the nasolabial fold to your jowl, and then your neck’s middle. Excess neck fat may now be cut away.

With the temples, face, and neck skin disconnected, your face is ready to be “lifted.” There is a layer beneath the skin called the SMAS which is tightened up, providing a strong, long-lasting recontouring of the jaw line. The skin is lifted upward and backward. This traction stretches out most of the facial wrinkles and flattens out the nasolabial fold. It also smoothes out drooping jowls and removes any protruding skin from your neck. Unsightly bands of muscle in the neck are eliminated.

Once the skin has been pulled taut, the excess is trimmed off at the incision line, and the remaining skin is reattached. At this point, Dr. Barach sutures all of the incisions and wraps your face and head in a bulky mass of bandages.

Typical scars from a facelift procedure are usually thin and hardly noticeable. At first, they may appear to be a little red, but the redness should gradually fade away until your scars become barely visible. Under some rare circumstances, some patients do develop thick scars, but these can be revised later to minimize their visibility.

Please contact Dr. Bruce K. Barach, a trusted plastic surgeon near Albany today to schedule your initial facelift consultation. During your consultation Dr. Barach will help you decide if a facelift or nonsurgical option is the best for you.