Breast Reduction in Albany NY

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Breast Reduction ModelBreast reduction surgery is often sought by women who have large breasts causing shoulder, neck or back discomfort as well as sagging or asymmetrical breasts.
In addition, women with breasts too large in relation to overall body size, rash or irritation beneath the breasts and difficulty with exercise or physical activities are included in the reasons women seek breast reduction surgery. Patients in the Albany, New York area can consult with Dr. Bruce K. Barach regarding their surgical options for oversized breasts.

Fatty and glandular tissues as well as resulting excess skin is removed during breast reduction surgery. The breast can then be lifted, in turn, creating firmer and smaller breasts. Immediately following the surgical procedure, the patient will either be wrapped in an elastic bandage or a surgical bra will be placed over gauze for 2-3 days. Also a drain may be placed in the incision line to allow for any discharge from the site. Prior to returning to normal daily activities, a recovery period of approximately two weeks is necessary following the procedure and appropriate follow up as recommended.

Woman Measuring Her BustWomen who have had breast reduction surgery report relief of pre-existing symptoms and the ability to wear better fitting clothing.

For women who intend to breast feed, breast reduction surgery is not recommended.

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Dr. Bruce Barach is a Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon serving the Schenectady, Albany and Saratoga Springs regions of New York. If you have any concerns regarding the size of your breasts contact Dr. Barach for a consultation and a cosmetic surgical procedure that will create a natural appearance to your breasts.