Post-Tummy Tuck Expectations Albany, NY

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Following your tummy tuck procedure, Dr. Barach will provide you with detailed instructions regarding your after-care. It is important to follow them carefully to ensure proper healing.

A compression garment is sometimes provided that should be worn for a few weeks to help diminish the swelling. Drainage tubes are often left in place and are removed within a few days. You can expect to return to work after about one to two weeks, but strenuous activity should be avoided for at least one month.

You may experience a moderate amount of discomfort after your tummy tuck. You might walk in a slightly bent-over position for the first few days because of the unnatural tightness in your abdominal area. Schenectady plastic surgeon Dr. Bruce Barach will give you thorough instructions as to what to do and what to avoid.

There may be some swelling that should pass within a few days. On a rare occasion, this can last for a few months. You may also feel a pulling sensation in your abdominal region which may continue for several weeks. The stitches from the tummy tuck procedure will be removed within a week. Most people will experience numbness of the abdominal skin which usually lasts for a few months.

Your scars may go through a period where they thicken a bit in the months following the surgery, but you should allow 6-12 months for the scars to flatten out and for the color to fade.

Everyone’s individual healing time will vary so Dr. Barach will be able to instruct you based on your progress. Complications such as postoperative bleeding or infection are not common. You may have a little skin loss above your pubic hair, which results in a wider, more noticeable scar; however, this is rare, and most scars can be revised later if they are unsatisfactory.

Tummy tucks usually provide pleasing and long lasting improvement, but obviously another pregnancy or overeating might return you to your pre-surgical condition.

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