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Solutions for Forehead Wrinkles

BOTOX & Dermal Fillers in Albany, NY

An expressive face is entertaining, engaging and intriguing, but it does have its downsides: It’s not very useful in high-stakes poker, and also puts significant strain on the skin and muscles of the forehead. “Dynamic” wrinkles are often the result of expressive facial movement. Here, experienced Albany plastic surgeon Dr. Bruce Barach suggests practical ways… Read More →


Benefits of Neck Lift

Neck lift surgery in Albany NY

Neck lift targets excess fat, loose skin and wrinkles on the neck, chin and even along the jawline. It is often performed in conjunction with facelift, ensuring that the texture, tone and muscle integrity of the neck matches the newly rejuvenated facial appearance. Below, experienced Albany plastic surgeon Dr. Bruce Barach explores surgical and noninvasive… Read More →


Ways to Improve the Appearance of Your Jawline

Jawline improvement

Although it is one of the most subtle facial features, the jawline broadly underscores your entire facial profile, adding emphasis, strength and structure to the delicate contours of your expression. Until recently, the jawline was far down most plastic surgery wish lists, as patients focused on procedures that improve more prominent features. That has begun… Read More →